Thursday, January 14, 2010

Finally Friday

This afternoon I took myself out for a coffee to read the final few pages of 'Blogging for Bliss' by Tara Frey.

I've carried this book around every day for the past two weeks - reading it whenever I could. Tara writes in plain english which is a joy to read and so easy to understand and take in.

Unlike so many craft projects that sit unfinished, or story pitches that idle away on my hard drive - I read this book cover to cover. Every word of it. So I've read it once, and now I've promised myself many happy hours looking at the links and trying the blog tips that Tara recommends.

I liked the book because it's like a travel guide to the world of crafty creative women bloggers I thought I was imagining. I knew you were out there I just didn't have a road map! I've stumbled across sites and wondered whether I was one of the few who 'got it'. I haven't met one person in real life who has really known what I meant when I talked about blog surfing the world of craft and design. I'm excited to realise that the other women in the world who 'get it' number in their thousands, not just hundreds.

The weather around here has been hot and feisty or grey and moody all week. Work has been a bit the same.

Finally it's the weekend and even though the sky is grey, the light is bright and shortly I'll go for dinner with my brother and his wife and kids, then the movies with my sister in law to see George Clooney in 'Up in the Air'. Mmm what a great way to end the week!


Ren Crawshaw said...

Thanks for the 'Blogging for Bliss' book review Rachel. Creative people rock! I have to agree with you - there are some very talented women in the blogosphere. Thanks also for the tip about Etsy. I've found a couple of brilliant artists and lost a couple of hours already!

ai said...

How was the movie? :-)