Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Quitter Chronicle: Life without Facebook - Week 3


I’m three weeks into my eight week challenge of no Facebook.
Again, I’ve found the need to go back onto Facebook – a need which sprang from a space that had no wifi, no pressure to be on the internet. In fact, it was quite the opposite.
I went on a three day yoga and meditation retreat at the beautiful Billabong Retreat. For three days I ate nothing but organic, vegetarian food, yoga and meditation every day and a massage overlooking a billabong surrounded by towering gum trees and water lilies in full bloom.
So why the desire to connect on Facebook? I met people on the retreat that I had a great time talking to. We helped educate each other about food and wellness. When it came to saying goodbye to these wonderful people, it seemed that the logical way was to connect on Facebook.
So I did. I went back on.
Once the seal was broken I drifted back to it again in an idle moment, but found that most of the news and updates weren’t as interesting as I had once found them.
I also went back onto Facebook as I’m hostinging a party, and Facebook is the best place for setting up events and inviting people. Within the day I had about a third of my invitees accept, which I think was faster than it would have been by email, and certainly by phone.
What I am finding is that Facebook is not having the same role in my downtime than it used to. I’m still on Pinterest quite a bit. I’ve been watching Youtube videos. But I don’t check my phone every time I stop at the lights as I walk across town. And whether it’s because of the peace I feel after Billabong Retreat, or the absence of Facebook, but I am feeling a bit more space in my head at the moment.
Space to let in things like this Pharrell Williams song (yes, I know it’s being overplayed, but that won’t stop me from loving it!)

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