Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thankyou Postman!

Love getting a parcel in the post! Dad & G are in Paris at the moment and sent me this stunning necklace. It's quite chunky but it suits me, and when I wore it with black the other day - it looked very nice. It's from the Musee Jacquemart Andre. Ah, to be in Paris in the springtime.

Meanwhile - am waiting on tenterhooks for the arrival of new neice or nephew any day now. I'm the on-call at midnight person to go look after my little 2 year old neice in the event that the baby arrives - am very excited!

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The Ren Files said...

Rach, that is Parisienne perfection and perfect for the richness of a Sydney winter spent trawling cafes with books and nowhere to be. If only!