Thursday, June 12, 2008

Neanderthal Chicken

Had dinner at Sushi Samurai tonight. Really tasty soba noodles, perfect on a winter night - who would think a clear soup could pack so much flavour and joy? I eavesdropped on this conversation:
German Boy: what sort of food do you cook? Swedish, German or Austrian? I mean Australian.
Danish Girl: I don't know. I don't cook much (Pauses to pop an edamame bean). Actually I make one thing called Neanderthal Chicken.
GB: what . . .?
DG: Take any meat, any vegetables put them all in a pot on the fire for 2 hours, walk away and come back two hours later and it's perfect.
GB: No liquid or water?
DG: No - the vegetables have enough water in them.
GB: And you put it with rice?
DG: Depends if I have found a potato to put in the pot.
DG: In the oven or on the fire?
GB: On the fire (am guessing she meant stove-top). I call it Neanderthal Chicken because I imagine that's just the way neanthderthals would cook.
GB: mmm . . . slow cooking is the best . . .

I am so trying Neanderthal Chicken one day soon. Provided I can tear myself away from those amazing soba noodles.

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